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3 Aspects of a Transformative Living Room Makeover

A living room makeover can be transformative for not just the room, but also the entire house since it is a room you spend a lot of time in. It is likely the room you use to spend time with your family, relax, and entertain. You may want to make sure the room is functional while also comfortable and inviting to the people who may come over. If you watch a lot of television, you want to make sure the setting in the room is conducive to seeing the television. If it’s more of a playroom, you want to make sure it is safe, and you have plenty of storage for toys and games. How you use the room is entirely up to you, but it is important to transform the space into something that will make you happy regardless of what is in or trendy at the moment.

Here are three aspects of a transformative makeover.

1. New Flooring


If you use you’re living a lot for entertaining and spending time with your family and pets, the carpet probably gets a lot of abuse. You can only vacuum and shampoo a carpet so many times before it starts looking worn and ragged. New carpet can provide a transformative makeover to your living room. You can change the color scheme of the room and even the feel of the room with the carpeting you choose for the space. Carpet Outlet is a Dallas carpet store that can show you the many options you have, from wall-to-wall carpeting to area rugs. You can also choose tile, laminate, hardwood, or vinyl. You can choose something durable and easy to clean and then choose an area rug for something soft to walk on in the room.

2. New Furniture


New living room furniture is transformative and fun. You can change the entire direction and flow of the room with the furniture you choose for the space. You can go with all new furniture for the area or pick pieces you want to replace. For example, you may still be happy with your coffee table and end tables, but you desperately want a new couch, loveseat, and armchair. Maybe you want to switch things up, and instead of having three pieces of furniture, you go with two large couches. If you have a small family, you may choose a few comfortable chairs and skip the couches altogether. Since the furniture will be a significant investment, you may decide to pick that out before flooring and paint colors.

3. New Paint


Painting a room is a reasonably inexpensive way to give it an entirely new look without making structural changes. The color of the living room plays a significant role in the room’s overall feel. If you want the room to be comfortable and inviting, you want to choose warmer tones. If you want the room to look clean and modern, choose cooler tones. The color of the walls will have a huge impact on everything else. If you are also planning on new carpet and new furniture, you should paint the room first to avoid any mishaps and match the paint to everything else you are picking out for the new living space.

If you have the budget to replace the flooring, furniture, and wall color, you can create an entirely new room and make it the space of your dreams. However, each of these areas of improvement is transformative, so even if you can only afford furniture or only afford to paint right now, you can make a dramatic change to the space.

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