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3 Maintenance Services Your Business Needs in the Winter

Your business, no matter its size, is similar to your home and automobile in that it requires special maintenance depending on the season of the year. While all the seasons present their own unique challenges, it can be commonly agreed that winter is the season that requires the most preparation and maintenance for many things. People head out to winterize their car tires and get their windows and doors ready to handle heavy drafts of cold air. 

Just like this preparation, your business requires certain maintenance services in the winter. To ensure your business’s success, you must invest in this type of upkeep. If you need to know what you need to keep in mind as a business owner this winter, keep reading for three major maintenance services.

Make Sure Your Heat Is Running Properly

The biggest enemy for your business in the wintertime is going to be the cold temperatures. Not only can extreme cold freeze water and damage pipes, but it’s also downright uncomfortable to be in buildings that are not properly heated. 

To combat the dropping temps, you’ll need to make sure your HVAC unit is in good working condition before winter hits. Seasonal HVAC problems are all too common and can make your space very uncomfortable for clients, customers, and employees. With the days shortening and outdoor darkness becoming the new norm in the wintertime, your employees and customers will be seeking warm comfortable places to escape the outdoors and provide them a small sense of happiness. 

Keeping your filter clean, scheduling regular maintenance visits throughout the year, and making sure your thermostat is working are all great ways to exercise good “HVAC health.”

Get All Your Finicky Machinery Serviced

Just like getting your automobile serviced specifically for winter, you should make sure any heavy or extremely necessary machinery for your business is serviced before and during the winter. Think critically about all the equipment your business uses in its day to day activities, and leave no machine out of a checklist. 

Even warehouse equipment that is typically only used inside could be susceptible to winter damage, so it is a good idea to invest in forklift engine maintenance when you can. Similarly, all outdoor equipment, such as mowers and tractors, should be seen by a mechanic to ensure they are winter-ready. Having these types of service checks on your equipment can help you avoid costly repair or replacement in the future. 

Brace Yourself For Snow

Another big part of the winter season is the likelihood of snow, extreme wind, and other damaging weather conditions. You will want to go into the season with a plan to make sure you are ready to face these issues. Knowing who you will contact for snow removal or to report a fallen tree due to wind are both practices that are part of this preparedness. Having a heavy snowfall can damage your business property if you leave it too long, as snow builds up and weighs down on sensitive structural points like roofs. 

Make sure you also know the number or contact information for the electrical companies in your area so that you can report any fallen power lines in the event of a winter storm or cold snap. You should also make sure that you are using ice melt to remove any slippery ice at your business so as to avoid unseemly accidents for your employees and customers. 

Keeping your business clear of dangerous weather effects can make it seem a lot more inviting for clients and customers to visit and to escape the climate. 

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