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3 Tools Realtors Use to Succeed

Like any other business professionals, realtors have to stay on top of customer relationships, marketing and advertising, SEO, among others. This way, they can ensure their company’s success and competitiveness in the ever-vibrant housing market.

Luckily, there are many tools the modern real estate agent can rely on to streamline work and stand out from their rivals. These solutions can assist you with various needs, making them must-have additions to your real-estate toolkit. Below are three specific tools used by the most successful real estate agents of today.

1. Video Editing Tools


It’s common knowledge that homebuying is a visual experience, so many realtors invest in video content alongside property photographs. Video is popular with consumers nowadays, so having them is helpful to showcase your listings, introduce your company, and display testimonials. Although it may feel unfamiliar to start making and editing video marketing content for your company, the right tools can help make the entire process more manageable.

These days, various video editing tools offer a wide range of video templates and background music that can get you started quickly. This way, you can easily put together captivating videos that you can share with your target audience. Many real estate companies rely on video editing solutions to help them make awesome content for their websites. Leading real estate management companies such as Venterra Realty are good examples of such businesses.

Venterra Realty manages numerous apartment communities and homes in 11 major US cities in the southern United States. Their properties house more than 35,000 residents and 11,000 pets. Greg Finch, John Foresi, and Andrew Stewart established Venterra in 2001 to offer high-quality real estate management services. Specifically, they’re experts in acquiring, identifying, financing, developing, and managing multi-family apartment communities.

Venterra Realty was recently recognized as the top-ranked company on the 2021 Best Workplaces in Texas List put together by the Great Place to Work Institute. The company’s CEO, Mr. John Foresi, credits its success to its award-winning company culture and the Venterra team‘s dedication to enhancing residents’ lives by offering top-notch customer experiences, one of their four operating pillars besides operating excellence innovation and employee experience. What’s more, they use industry-leading technology in managing their properties, ensuring high-efficiency standards that benefit residents, investors, and employees.

2. Custom Website

An excellent website is everything nowadays in the real estate industry, and every realtor is leveraging this valuable tool for success. Websites are great platforms for listing exposure and lead generation, two essential ingredients for success in this crowded marketplace. A custom real estate website also makes it easier to differentiate yourself from rivals by giving your enterprise a unique voice and look.

Therefore, your website can make it likelier for you to enjoy new leads since custom websites quickly build trust and connection with clients. However, it’s crucial to invest in making your website interactive, mobile-friendly, and optimized for the best results. Many businesses in the real estate market have great websites as one of their most effective tools. Reputable enterprises such as Lifescape Colorado are good examples of such companies.

Lifescape Colorado is a leading provider of landscape architecture in Denver, Colorado. Their mission is to create and preserve sustainable outdoor spaces that enrich clients’ lives, enhance the community’s beauty, and conserve planetary resources. They offer landscape construction, design, and outdoor property care for commercial and residential locations alike. Their landscape architects are known for their outstanding design and craftsman-level construction, continually adapting their designs for innovative living. Also, Lifescape is an industry pioneer in sustainable building, water-saving initiatives, and maintenance practices. What’s more, they have years of experience in the design-build industry, providing top-notch services to clients since 1961.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Client relationships are especially vital in the real estate industry, so realtors invest in these tools to help them cater to their customers. These tools assist in building relationships with new patrons, as well as maintaining relationships with existing clients. Using CRM software can help you generate more leads, monitor your sales pipeline, and keep customer records.

Additionally, CRM Software can help you schedule and maintain tasks and automate your marketing efforts. Therefore, consider incorporating a CRM solution into your real estate practice to keep you connected, ensuring that your organization operates effectively and efficiently. Besides CRM software, you can also invest in other software solutions to streamline your business operations. For example, the OKR software can help you monitor and track collective progress on your organization’s Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Additionally, you can leverage OKR consultants for your business to help you build agile plans that keep your teams focused daily, so keep this in mind.

All things considered, modern technology is revolutionizing business operations in multiple industries, including real estate. The points above are three helpful tools real estate agents rely on to operate more cost-effectively and efficiently.

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