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5 Home Staging Tips For New Real Estate Agents

Real estate is all about the presentation. Selling a home requires a charm that must be learned and perfected, but it’s a talent that you can foster without too much difficulty. Take it from the professionals at Venterra Realty. Professionalism, knowledgeability, and magnetic charm are essential to success in the real estate industry. Learning on the job is crucial here, but you can skip many of the mistakes that your peers have had to learn from with a little upfront research and a dedication to making smart decisions in the staging and showing off process.

Always be considerate of your clients and mindful of the strengths of the home in order to show your best qualities and those of the home you are presenting to the public.

Start with the façade.

The exterior of any home is the first thing a prospective buyer sees when they arrive for a viewing. Hiring a professional team for dog poop removal Joilet IL, repainting the exterior of the home, and cleaning up any debris on the roof are all great ideas for cleaning up a dour-looking home face. Many homeowners are open to these improvements because they increase the volume of interest exponentially and may even boost the final sale price — as is often the case with a repaint.

Another great place to invest time and energy is in the lawn itself. Besides cleaning up any dog waste, it’s worthwhile to consider making the lawn green, inviting place. Re-sodding is another upgrade that a conscientious owner might want to include in order to boost interest in the property. Laying down new sod and adding mulch to the garden beds can revitalize a lawn and give a much-needed facelift to an older home that may be overlooked without these stylistic updates that home buyers are seeking these days.

Add mood lighting to the interior.

Low lighting can be used effectively in certain spaces of the home in order to create a new and interesting ambiance that prospective buyers can tap into in order to envision their lives in the home for years to come. This is because most viewings are going to happen during the day, while most of your time at home is spent there in the evenings. Creating this illusion of afternoon or evening lighting inside the space at midday can help a viewer imagine what their life is likely to entail in this space and really gets people invested in the overall imaginative production. Changing the lighting is as simple as adding a dimmer switch or utilizing your firm’s smart home devices along with the corresponding light bulbs to set the low light conditions at a perfect level.

Remove most of the existing furniture.

This might sound straightforward, but it’s important not to discount the value of staging a home with your firm’s furniture instead of the homeowner’s belongings. Seeking out the best climate controlled storage units in your area in order to move the owner’s belongings out of the space while you show it is a great way to create an open and inviting environment for prospective buyers.

Empty or sparsely populated rooms give prospective buyers the best possible vantage point with which to imagine their own belongings and decorations in the space. By removing the clutter, decorations, and belongings of the current homeowner you give them the best possible chance of landing a buyer in rapid time

Public storage space is a great option for enabling this. A local storage facility the offers humidity control through climate control functions and great customer service is the perfect place to keep furniture, sensitive items, and decorations that would only hinder the process otherwise. A storage facility you trust is the perfect place to go with all of your clients’ needs, and repeat business may even net you and your clients a discount over the long run as you continue to grow in the industry.

Introduce some green into the home.

Adding home floor plants to corners or next to furniture in a tasteful arrangement can really make a room pop for viewers thinking of making the home their own. Indoor plants that only require small amounts of moisture and indirect sunlight, such as a snake plant or a fiddle leaf fig, are best for these purposes. They won’t need a lot of attention or maintenance and can act admirably as decorative framing for the room’s overall energy. Plantlife increases the mood of a room as well as the people within it, so setting some strategic foliage around the home that you are showing is a great way to subtly enhance the feeling and atmosphere of the home and create good vibes for the viewers. This is a subconsciously powerful feeling that they will take home with them and be reminded of when they think back on the home as they mull over their options.

A very minor inclusion like this could make the difference between multiple callbacks and none over the course of a weekend of showing the home. The more interested parties involved the better for your client, so take advantage of every little psychological trick you can get your hands on.

Don’t forget to show off your own personality as well.

Real estate agents often spend so much time showcasing the personality of the home that they forget to let themselves shine as well. Real estate is primarily about the building, but in order to really show off a home, you have to show off yourself as well. A prospective buyer needs your guiding touch in order to really place themselves in the home, so getting to know the property before showing it off is crucial to a successful weekend of visits. Likewise, taking care of yourself and making sure to always put your best foot forward will create an inviting persona that a prospective buyer instinctively wants to trust.

A first impression is formed in as little as seven seconds, which means that your appearance is critical. Keeping up your wardrobe with the latest styles and making sure you get regular haircuts or manicures is an important step. So is your body language. The way you carry yourself speaks volumes about what is going on inside your head, so make sure you get a good night’s sleep before a big day of home visits, and always have a good breakfast in the morning in order to carry you through the day. Smiling, keeping your head up high, and maintaining a bright and inviting posture is something that you learn to incorporate into your repertoire over the years in the business, so if you haven’t mastered these elements yet there is nothing to worry about. Eventually, these things will become natural and you will glide through a home with eager buyers hanging on your every word. For now, focus on one piece and make sure you execute it to perfection.

Staging a home takes a commitment to excellence and detail. Getting each little piece right will take some practice but you will quickly get the hang of it. These things become second nature as you begin to show off more and more homes, so don’t fret the small setbacks. Take each showing as a learning opportunity and continue to grow in your profession in order to see personal and professional development and greater opportunity for career growth in your field.

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