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Aspects of Good Home Design on the East Coast

They say the West Coast is the “best coast.” But when it comes to home design, the East Coast has some iconic elements that have been implemented from New Jersey to San Francisco. From a historical perspective, it makes a lot of sense. After all, the United States began on the East Coast, so the very first homes were built there. There are colonial-style homes, rustic cabins, New England farmhouses, or even coastal cottages. These homes have richer color schemes and traditional pieces with ornate designs. Needless to say, you’ll see a lot of traditional and rustic elements. Keep reading below to learn more about the aspects of good home design on the East Coast.

A nod to the early history


A major aspect of good home design on the East Coast is a nod to early American history. Homes built in the 18th and 19th centuries have a lot of character and charm in comparison to new builds on the West Coast. Expect to see grand columns, brick walkways, and crown molding. These houses were built to last, unlike some of the cookie-cutter homes made of drywall that you may find in new subdivisions in the west. When it comes to exterior finishes and quality workmanship, you’ll definitely notice more traditional accents.

Stylish doors and functional windows


Because East Coast weather tends to go through extremes, you’ll often find that the doors, windows, and exterior finishes reflect that. These homes aren’t just made to look pleasing, they’re also functional. You’ll find large windows to allow light in during those dreary winters. There are also doors with ornate glass designs. Homeowners on the East Coast have to think about durability and not just design. For example, Window and door installation in East Hanover, NJ might involve storm windows for any harsh weather conditions.

Rich colors and darker tones


On the West Coast, you’ll find light color schemes and neutral tones. But homeowners on the East Coast may be more likely to experiment with wallpaper, custom drapery, ornate rugs, and antique home accents. It’s all about showing off your personal style through unique pieces rather than what’s trending. Interior design in Rochester, NY, might involve custom upholstery in rich emerald shades and darker-toned wood. Meanwhile, home design in San Diego, CA, might involve sandy hues and bright whites. On the East Coast, you’ll find unique elements that are likely a little more “old-school.”

The contrast in color schemes and textures


A well-designed East Coast home isn’t afraid of contrast. Think dark metal finishes with light wood tones. It’s all about creating dramatic vignettes in the home! The contrast in interior design speaks volumes. Expect to see textures in trim work and crown molding. There should be ornate elements that show off the finer details. You might see rich navy blue paired with ivory in a New England coastal cottage. Or maybe you’ll see materials being coordinated together, like hardwood floors and brick fireplaces in a colonial-style home. East Coast homes don’t often mix and match different textures. It’s more about synchronizing and coordinating textures and colors for a more polished look.

When it comes to good home design, the East Coast boasts some unique elements. From historic features and rich textures to functional windows and dark colors, you’ll notice that it’s often about looking put-together. It’s less about organic elements and more about creating a cozy, warm, and elegant abode. You’ll see contrast like dark hardwood floors and white cabinets in kitchens. Seaside homes on the East Coast will coordinate a wood mantle with a stone fireplace. Regardless of what you choose to incorporate into your East Coast home, the design will always work best when there’s a little bit of a nod to local history.

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