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Benefits of Performing Routine HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system is one of the most critical components of your home. Your heating and cooling system impact the health and comfort of everyone living in the house. From hot summer days to cold winter nights, your system is the workhorse of your home that meets the temperature demands of every season. Many homeowners fail to invest in regular maintenance, even considering the HVAC system’s important role in the house. Just like your car, however, your HVAC unit requires routine service to stay operable and efficient.

Your car requires an oil change and a tune-up after a certain amount of mile to continue working. Over the course of a normal year, your HVAC system can rack up a good number of service hours. Similar to your car, you’ll want to have a technician perform preventative maintenance to clean your equipment and address any issues. Let take a look at some benefits of routine maintenance performed on your HVAC.

Improved Efficiency


As seasons change, so do the demands placed on your HVAC system. Your energy bills will also fluctuate with changing heating and cooling requirements. However, if you notice that your utility bills are higher than usual, it could mean that your HVAC system isn’t performing at peak efficiency. Over time, your equipment could experience dirt and dust buildup, small leaks, and loose connections. While these issues won’t prevent your system from functioning, it could require that it work harder to circulate air throughout your home. When your system expends more energy to heat and cool your house, your energy bills will increase.

Annual maintenance performed by an HVAC technician can help restore your system’s energy efficiency. Seasonal check-ups will include a thorough cleaning and inspection of the entire system. An HVAC professional will also perform a tune-up on your equipment to address any issues that might be slowing your system down.

Fewer Problems


An HVAC system usually malfunctions when it has been pushed to the limits during the heating or cooling season. When the system breaks down, homeowners can be left with some costly repairs. Regular maintenance, however, can help to identify and correct potential problems before they become larger issues. Cooling and heating equipment are pretty durable and will operate even when there small issues. If left unresolved, however, these problems to serious complications and malfunctions. When you have HVAC maintenance done, the technician will ensure that small problems don’t become larger ones.

Safer Equipment

Regular system checks can help prevent the need for costly repairs. Additionally, you will also be able to identify potentially hazardous issues that could cause safety problems. As an example, carbon monoxide leaks often go undetected as it is odorless. There are serious health consequences that come with unresolved carbon monoxide leaks, however. Regular maintenance can catch many safety issues that might pose a threat to your family and home.

Extended Furnace Life

The average HVAC system should last around 20 years. Regular maintenance can help extend the life of your unit by up to 30 percent, however. Routine tune-ups can address minor problems that could take a toll on your unit’s health and service life. Additionally, routine maintenance will improve the system’s efficiency and keep it in working order. Regular service will help prevent major malfunctions and premature system failure.

Season changes require that your house maintain certain temperatures. Similar to having your car serviced before a long trip, you’ll want to get your HVAC equipment prior to the rigors of summer or winter. Regular HVAC maintenance will ensure that your system is safe and runs at maximum efficiency throughout the year.

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