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Common Issues Homeowners Experience With Tankless Water Heaters

Since the tankless water heater first came out, many people have made the switch, and most are thrilled with the decision. There are plenty of benefits that tankless water heaters can provide, such as lower energy bills, unlimited hot water, and longer service life. However, there are no appliances that are immune to issues or problems. Even these modern tankless water heater systems will experience a mechanical or maintenance problem at some point.

For homeowners in Las Cruces, TX, these water heaters are a popular choice to save money and keep hot water easily accessible. However, there are some common issues homeowners in Las Cruces, TX experience with tankless water heaters as well. Today, we’ll explore some of these issues and how to handle them.

Inconsistent Hot Water


Inconsistent hot water, sometimes referred to as a cold-water sandwich, occurs when the water coming out of the faucet switches from warm to cold and back to warm, creating a sandwich of warm, cold, warm water. This is usually only an annoyance. However, it can be particularly unpleasant if you’re in the middle of a shower. This issue is caused when a hot water outlet is used twice consecutively. What happens is that warm water will be left in the pipe from the first use, with cold water sitting behind it. Then, when the hot water is turned on again, the second round of warm water follows behind the cold, resulting in inconsistent hot water.

The most straightforward solution is to let the water run for a minute to allow the cold water to pass. However, you can have a recirculating system installed to prevent cold water from lying in wait inside your pipes.

Flame or Ignition Failure


Tankless water heaters typically come in either electric or gas form. Electric water heaters have an ignition system that heats the water as it’s used while gas water heaters have a flame. If your water isn’t getting as hot as expected, or if it’s not getting hot at all, you may have a problem with the ignition or flame. There are many possibilities for the cause of this issue, including a stuck gas valve, faulty regulator, or lack of gas. If you have other gas appliances besides a gas tankless water heater, check if they’re working correctly. If so, the problem is likely confined to the water heater.

Either way, this issue is best left to the professionals to prevent any costly mistakes and ensure your safety. So, call in an experienced HVAC technician to evaluate the problem and help you develop a solution.

Mineral and Scale Buildup


Most people are familiar with the possibility that various minerals, such as calcium or magnesium, will collect and settle within a traditional water heater, leading to corrosion and more. However, you may not realize that these minerals also affect tankless water heaters. Despite how quickly water passes through the system and that it’s not stored in the water heater, scale and minerals can stick to the inside of the tankless unit. This buildup will lower the water heater’s performance and shorten its life span.

You can descale and flush your tankless water heater with vinegar or a descaling kit to remove mineral deposits if you’re dealing with this issue. However, suppose your area has consistently hard water. In that case, a water softener installation may be the best route for you to balance these minerals from the water supply before it runs through your system.

Don’t Let These Common Issues Cool Off Your Water Supply

If you’re dealing with these common issues or others with your tankless water heater, don’t wait until your system needs expensive repairs or even replacement. Instead, call a reliable HVAC technician to troubleshoot your water heater and keep your water running smoothly and warmly.

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