Creative On-Theme Favors for a Murder Mystery Party

Planning a murder mystery party can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. One of the most important parts of the party is the favors. The favors should be on theme and creative. Keep reading for some great ideas for murder mystery party favors.


When hosting a murder mystery party, one way to add a creative touch is to give your guests cigars as party favors. This can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the theme of your party. If you are going with a 1920s gangster theme, for example, you could order cigars online that are packaged in vintage-style cigar boxes. You could also order custom labels to put on the boxes that feature the name of your party and the date. Another option is to order cigars that come in individual packaging, such as tubes or tins. This will give your guests a more personal experience and make them feel like they’re really getting something special. Whatever route you choose, be sure to order enough cigars for all of your guests so that everyone can enjoy them.



After hosting a murder mystery party, you can send your guests home with a puzzle as a party favor. This can be a great way to keep your guests entertained and stimulated even after the party is over. You can find a variety of puzzles available online, or you can make it even more fun by creating your own. If you choose to create your own puzzle, be sure to make it challenging enough that it will keep your guests entertained for a while.

Notebooks and Pens

Providing guests with notebooks and pens after your mystery party is a great way to encourage them to continue working on their detective skills. These are necessary materials to jot down any clues or thoughts they may have as they navigate solving a mystery.

Magnifying Glasses


A magnifying glass is a classic detective prop that your guests might appreciate. There’s nothing quite like using a magnifying glass to look closer into clues like fingerprints or crumbs. It’s an on-theme favor that your guests likely don’t have and will be glad to keep for years to come.

Scented Candles

While throwing your mystery party, you probably had to create a mysterious atmosphere. Part of creating this ambiance may have involved dimming the lights and using candles. Perhaps the lights went out during the murder or maybe the killer left behind a specific scent as a clue. No matter what your storyline is, giving your guests scented candles is a great way to end the night and send guests home with a favor that’s both on-theme and also reminds them of a pleasant evening spent with friends.


An hourglass, or a sand clock, is a great timepiece that measures the correct length of time. It’s often used when playing party games and may have been used as you solved your murder mystery with friends. These make for a great party favor, as guests can use them for future games.

Murder Mystery Kits

A murder mystery kit is a great party favor for guests attending a murder mystery party. The kit includes everything guests need to solve the crime. If they enjoyed playing it at your party, then surely they will enjoy having a kit of their own. This is a great way to encourage more fun amongst your friend group.

Creative on-theme favors are important for a murder mystery party because they help set the mood and tone for the party. They can also help guests stay engaged and feel immersed in the mystery of it all.

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