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How Can I Prevent Bathroom Injuries in My Home?

For some homeowners, their bathroom is their private oasis to get away from the stresses of the world after a long day. However, just like any other room in your house, the bathroom does come with hidden risks. Slip-and-fall injuries in the bathroom are quite common, but there are other possibilities for people and even pets to get hurt. Thankfully, it’s very easy to make your loo not only a paradise to unwind with a hot bath but a safe environment as well.

Bath & Shower Safety


Adjustments to your home’s bathtub or shower stall can help to avoid any physical injury brought on by a slip and fall or even scalding yourself with hot water. Be sure to consult with licensed professionals when installing a tub or shower to make sure you’re taking the reins of the system being installed. Take the time to Google “New Jersey replacement shower” to explore the options in your area. For example, technicians will recommend installing shower bars or walk-in bathtubs for households with older people to minimize the risk of fractures or broken bones just when trying to have a nice, relaxing moment.

In cases of slip-and-fall accidents, victims may turn to the services of personal injury lawyers to file litigation against a homeowner for failing to keep a household safe or sue their insurance company to cover medical expenses under a homeowner’s insurance policy. To avoid having to go down the wormhole of a personal injury lawsuit, simple steps can be employed. Using shower chairs or implementing a chair for the shower can spare the risk of injuries. To prevent potential burns, be sure to properly label faucets and work with your plumber to make sure there’s temperature control over just how hot your water can get.

Nonslip Surfaces


To avoid an injury case and the cost of litigation, you can make a minimal investment that is more than worthwhile. Investing in nonslip capabilities within your bathroom can prevent the risk of falling in and out of the tub. There are rubber adhesive bath treads that easily stick to the bottom of the bathtub and maintain for a long time. These treads prevent people from losing their footing on a slippery surface. These decals come in all shapes and sizes, and they are fairly inexpensive, especially compared to any type of injury case.

You can also invest in nonslip bath mats and other surfaces outside of the tub. If you have a linoleum or tile surface outside of your shower or bathtub, this surface makes people highly susceptible to falls and potential injury. It’s in the best interest to lay down these mats. However, towels will suffice in a pinch, but they are not the best long-term solution to avoid having to deal with a medical professional or personal injury lawyer.

Keep it clean.


One of the easiest things that a homeowner can do to prevent bathroom injuries is to clean their bathroom. Negligence in keeping a dirty bathroom will leave a homeowner covering the bill for an injury victim. In addition to reducing the risk of injury, cleaning eliminates the potential for dangerous growth of mold and mildew. When this is inhaled over time, people are more susceptible to illness, particularly respiratory issues.

Be sure to also consider who is using the bathroom. For example, if you have young children in your house, keep any medications out of reach, as well as electrical items like hairdryers, curling irons, and other items. You can always look into other investments for safe bathroom use at night, such as elevated toilet seats or night-lights that are triggered by motion. Remember, a clean environment affords peace of mind to actually enjoy your living space.

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