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How to Make the Most of Your Storage Space

It doesn’t take much for your belongings to take over your space and make it feel as if you have nowhere to go. Knowing how to efficiently utilize your storage space is the best way to avoid being overwhelmed with clutter. Many homeowners tend to abuse their storage solutions and overstuff them. Just because you have storage options doesn’t mean they need to be filled. There are plenty of ways to ensure that you’re making the most use of your storage.

Decluttering goes a long way.


Before deciding you need to rent out a storage unit, declutter your home and get rid of anything not being used. The best way to maximize your storage is to get rid of unnecessary clutter. Go through one room at a time, and start going through drawers, closets, and cabinets. Taking the time to remember what you have allows you to get organized, avoid buying duplicate items, and spend less time looking for things.

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Assess your storage situation.


Take a look at what kind of storage space you have, and consider the size. It’s important to find the best solution for your storage situation that will make it more efficient. Think about what you need to store before adding any new storage solutions. Sometimes open space is a better option than shelving or bins, especially if you can stack things neatly. Always consider what you need to store, how big, and how heavy your things are.

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Use uniform storage solutions.


The best way to keep your decluttered items in check and stored properly is to invest in uniform storage solutions. Keep your items in durable storage bins that are similar in size, see-through, and labeled. Storage bins keep your things safe from the elements, bugs, and any water leaks. You can buy differently sized storage bins, depending on what you are storing, such as craft supplies. Avoid using opaque bins, as they are notorious for accumulating odds and ends. It’s a good idea to keep like items together to make it easier to find things.

When there’s a place for everything and everything is tucked away, it’s easier to display decor and sentimental items. Bookcases are a great way to add interest and storage for the things you use daily like your NRSV Bible. You can find thousands of religious products and supplies, including New Revised Standard Version Bibles, scripture, translations, and more.

The best way to store is vertical.


The best way to maximize your storage option is to think vertically. Take advantage of as much space above your head and below your feet as possible. These spaces are the best solution for seasonal, holiday, and little-used items. You should always avoid storing heavy items up above and keep things like appliances and large, heavy bins on the ground. Small lightweight containers should be used for higher spaces. Plastic storage bins stack well and make it easy to quickly find what you need.

Place the things you use more in front.


Just because something is in storage doesn’t mean you don’t use it. Whether backing up a home storage closet or a storage unit, it’s a smart idea to pack items that you’ll need to access frequently in an easy-to-reach place. Seasonal clothing, decorations, and other things that are only used once a year can be placed towards the back of your storage. Keeping items that are used more frequently in an easy-access spot near the front saves the hassle of digging through mountains of boxes.

Keep these tips in mind as you tackle your storage needs and find ways to maximize your available storage space.

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