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How to Make Your House a Home

From fretting over which color to paint your walls to wondering if you bought the right furniture set, there are a lot of decisions that go into decorating a home. But sometimes, you get so caught up in the big picture that you forget to focus on the smaller details that make a house a home. Here’s how to transform your house into a home that’ll showcase your style, tell a story, and make guests feel welcomed.

Fill Up Empty Walls

A collection of picture frames can leave your space feeling cluttered and disorganized. Instead, opt for high-quality canvas prints. From serene prints of nature to family photos, wall art can be anything and everything you want it to be.

If you’re not sure where to start, try decorating with family photos. Decorating with your favorite pictures of your family will show your guests how much your family means to you while letting your family know that they’re appreciated. 

If you have limited space, a canvas art print in a wooden frame can lighten up the room. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more eye-catching, a bigger canvas print is ideal for preserving your favorite memories. Canvas prints can serve as an eye-catching focal point in your space and make you feel more at home.

Add Warmth

While expensive furniture and a spotless home might seem appealing, they’ll leave your space feeling cold. Instead, opt for comfortable Amish furniture and warm tones. To incorporate warm tones, decorate your space with throw blankets, soft pillows, and plush rugs. 

Additionally, add some warm-hued lamps or overhead lighting. Decorating with your favorite lamp can help add a personal touch to your space, and you’ll be able to structure your lighting in a way that works for you. To make your home feel even cozier, light some candles.

Make Guests Feel Welcomed

Nothing makes your house feel like a home more than visits from close friends and family. Make your entryway feel warm and inviting with pictures of friends and family. Decorate with a coat rack, a doormat, and a welcome sign to make guests feel at home in your space. To top it all off, decorate your porch with comfortable patio furniture and lush plants. You’ll feel proud of your space, and your guests will feel welcomed before they even walk through the door.

Create a Lived-In Look

If your space feels cold, you won’t want to spend any time in it. Keeping your home organized and clutter-free is important, but you don’t have to keep everything in storage. Don’t be afraid to showcase your hobbies and knick-knacks around your home. Bring nature inside with some fresh florals, and keep your favorite photos and accessories somewhere you’ll be able to see them every day. 

If you’re concerned about clutter, invest in shelves or a bookcase. When transforming your house into a home, storage solutions should be functional, but visually appealing. A well-organized bookcase is a great way to keep clutter at bay, and it’ll allow you to focus less on cleaning and more on displaying your favorite things.

Make Your Space Functional

If you love baking, don’t hide away all of your utensils and appliances. Instead, find creative ways to keep your space tidy while maintaining its functionality. Try filling up a glass jar with utensils or hanging them on your kitchen wall. Your house will never feel like a home if you need to spend hours every day sorting through drawers.

Transforming your house into a home makes spending time in your space much more enjoyable. You’ll feel proud of your space, and inviting guests over will allow you to showcase your style. And if you’re thinking about selling your home yourself, making your house feel like a home can even attract potential buyers.

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