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Redesigning Your Kitchen? Let Us Help

Deciding that it’s time for a kitchen remodel is a big step, and many homeowners don’t know where to start. Some get inspiration by looking at kitchen appliances or by collecting interior design inspirations. Others know it’s time to build additional space, while others want to upgrade their way into a new kitchen. Whether you are tearing out your old kitchen and starting fresh or taking on a smaller scale kitchen remodel, the key to a successful renovation is good kitchen design.

The Work Triangle


The foundation of kitchen design is the work triangle or the geometric flow created by the sink, range, and refrigerator. Most work in the kitchen centers around these three appliances, which is why a smart kitchen design creates comfortable distances between them. Placing these appliances too close together creates a cramped space while having them too far apart makes it tiresome to move back and forth. There are three main layouts that homeowners use for the work triangle. A u-shaped kitchen creates a triangle with the sink, range, and refrigerator each on a wall. An I-shaped kitchen situates one appliance alone on a wall and the other two along another wall. A galley kitchen design arranges all appliances on the same wall, similar to a sailing ship.

The best way to bring your dream kitchen to life is to work with an award-winning kitchen designer in your local area every step of the way. Kitchen Distributors, for example, have decades of experience delivering exceptional kitchen remodeling in Denver, CO. From high-quality tiles for a custom backsplash, granite or quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a new floor that creates a focal point, these interior designers can bring your unique design to life. In addition to kitchen renovation, these remodel experts can also bring your closet and bathroom remodel to life.

The Necessary Appliances


The work triangle will need to be surrounded by a sufficient amount of flooring and counter space. The refrigerator door needs enough clearance to open and close. Cabinetry needs enough room to open without interfering with other doors. Ideally, the sink should be installed beneath a window to allow for natural light and a view. It’s important to include enough counter space in your kitchen design for your usage needs. A standard kitchen layout features an 18-inch run of counter beside the refrigerator for staging, and 36 inches and 24 inches of counter on either side of the sink for dirty and clean dishes. The longest stretch of the counter should be on the side of the sink closest to the range.

No matter how you design your kitchen, you must keep up with the regular maintenance of your home appliances. Routine maintenance ensures your appliances are working efficiently so that you can avoid the surprise of breakdowns and costly repairs. The last thing you want to find out in the cold or hot months is that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system isn’t working properly. Sun City Plumbing & Heating has years of experience providing HVAC maintenance, repairs, and installations. Their trained technicians offer 24/7 emergency service calls and their HVAC maintenance plan includes a warranty on your unit. This HVAC contractor offers an HVAC maintenance agreement and pre-season tune-ups for all makes and models of HVAC systems.

Storage Space


Many homeowners use a remodel project as an opportunity to create more functionality. Having sufficient storage space is important especially when designing a small kitchen. It’s a good idea to locate drawers and cabinetry close to the sink or dishwasher but out of the work triangle. Your dream kitchen should complement your usage. Think about the location and size of the kitchen cabinets. If your existing cabinetry is in good condition, you can repurpose the doors by repainting them and changing out the hardware to save money. Building a pantry is an efficient and inexpensive way to create storage. A pantry can double as both food storage and a utility closet.

Tap water contains contaminants and particles that aren’t good for your health. A water filtration system is a smart way to ensure you always have clean water at home. Another great option is to purchase a water cooler that can be conveniently placed in the kitchen for easy access. Sparkletts bottled water delivery service brings beverage products right to your front door. They deliver a variety of bottled water, coffee, tea, and flavored drinks from a variety of popular brands. You can find water delivery near me and order a range of gallons of spring water for any size water cooler and enjoy free delivery.

It’s important to remember that renovations and remodels don’t happen overnight. Whether you are doing a DIY kitchen renovation or hiring a professional contractor, it’s important to stick to your renovation timeline. Sticking to your schedule is the best way to ensure you stay on budget. The more work you can do yourself, and the more materials you can salvage and repurpose, the less expensive your remodel project will be.

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