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Tips for Hiring a Roofer

If your property is in need of roofing services, then you’ll want to hire an experienced roofer to guarantee quality craftsmanship. Perhaps you’re in need of a new roof for your commercial property. Or maybe you’re a homeowner looking to find a contractor for roof repair. Hiring just any company won’t cut it. You’ll need a reliable contractor who is familiar with all types of roofing work and can do a great job at the services you need.

Do your research and compare different roofing companies.


Before you hire any roofer, you should always do your research and compare different companies. For example, Batterbee Roofing is an award-winning roofing contractor in The Villages, and their technicians have the knowledge and skill for roof replacements. Whether you need routine roof maintenance, a replacement, restoration for storm damage, or coating, they know how to do a great job. You’ll want to compare different roofing companies to what you’d find from a roofing company like Batterbee. Check out whether their technicians handle repairs with professionalism and if they have years of experience to back up their claims. Credibility is key.

Look over their services and get quotes.

You’ll want to make sure that the local roofers you choose actually offer the services you need. Maybe you have a leaky roof or you want an inspection for a new property you’re purchasing. The company you choose should be able to meet all of your roofing needs. Get a free estimate from each roofing business and determine which service offers competitive pricing for high-quality work. Don’t just choose the most affordable option because it’s cheap. Your property is an investment, so you’ll want quality roofing.

Ask if they can provide insurance and licensing information.


A business can make a lot of claims, so checking for insurance and licensing is a great way to narrow down your options to the most legitimate choices. Certification is a mark of quality, and all commercial roof services are required to have a business license to operate in your local area. Some states don’t require licensing, so you’ll want to do your research and check the requirements in your area in case things go wrong. Make sure that the company’s license is up to date. The roofing company should also have workers’ compensation insurance in order to protect anyone who may be injured on the job. Meanwhile, liability insurance refers to damage to your property that the crew should be responsible for while on the job.

Inquire about the warranty if you’re getting a new roof.

If you’re getting a new roof, then you’ll want to ask about the warranty. A lot of roofing companies will offer 25 years on the warranty, and it’s important to get that in writing when it comes to a replacement. There are some shingles that last long, but some of them may need repairs over the course of homeownership. It all depends on your area’s climate and whether it has any bad storms or extreme weather conditions. If you live in Central Florida, for example, then you may see further damage following hurricane season.

If you want to hire the best roofer, then it’s important that you commit to the research process and find an excellent company to help care for your roof. Look at some of the top choices in your area and compare their services and experience. Request quotes from each of the companies and review which businesses offer high-quality roofing services for a decent price. Whether you need a routine inspection or a complete roof installation, there are companies out there that can give you outstanding customer service and quality work. Do your due diligence for peace of mind.

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