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What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Have on Speed Dial

Real estate is a fantastic investment opportunity for those with the acumen to find diamonds in the rough and polish them into pure gold. It takes a discerning eye, but for those with the drive to learn the business, it can become one of your portfolio’s top earners. The professionals in the real estate game can often do much of the work themselves as self-reliance in this industry is a recipe for top-notch returns. However no one can do it all alone, the best investors know when to call in professional help, and quickly.



Almost no homeowner can tackle a roofing job by themselves. It’s OK to admit that you can’t do it all – knowing your limits is the mark of a true professional. A roof needs replacing, on average, every 20 to 25 years, but routine maintenance is required on a yearly basis in order to keep it in good condition and extend its life expectancy. Depending on the type of roof you have installed, you can judge the wear pretty accurately yourself as you clean gutters each spring and evaluate the state of the tiles or shingles that protect the valuables just beneath. Hiring a professional roofer that you trust such as Baldwin roofing contractor who has years of experience replacing and repairing shingle, tile, or metal roofing is an essential job for any serious homeowner – and even more important for a professional landlord. Keeping the roof in great condition over your tenants’ heads is essential to maintaining a great relationship that will keep your properties occupied for longer, and with renters that share a mutual respect for your property.

Electrical Work

Electrical installation is another area where most homeowners are simply outmatched. Electricians receive years of training in order to safely repair electrical outages and live circuits. Without proper training, you can severely injure yourself. If you see exposed wiring in a new buy or are told about a problem of this nature by your tenants you must take immediate action to resolve it with the help of a professional. It’s the only way to deal with faulty, damaged, or potentially dangerous wiring issues in a home.


Many carpentry projects are accessible to the layman. Adding or removing a half wall from a room, constructing a built-in seating area with additional under-seat storage, or adding a wall-mounted bookshelf are all within the wheelhouse of many real estate investors. These sorts of projects add to the appeal of a property that you intend to market for resale or rent. These typically don’t require much effort and can really update a fixer-upper, making it incredibly appealing to the marketplace. However, major renovations like the addition of a bedroom or bathroom or a major upgrade to the kitchen area may fall outside your abilities. Calling your trusted contractor for upgrades can make your life far easier.

Manage your contacts as well as your properties.

As you grow within the real estate world it will become increasingly apparent that building relationships are key to continued success. Each new property will present unique challenges, but they fall within the same scope and work requirements with each new home. Take a page from the success of Alastair Barnes by investing in people as well as money-making opportunities. Take the time to get to know the professionals that you hire for roofing work or kitchen remodeling. Use the same company repeatedly if you can. This way you’ll always know the quality that you should expect to receive, and you might even reap discounts for repeat business the more often you use their services.

Investments in people take time to cultivate but getting to know the people you work with on a personal level always pays in the long run.

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