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Why You Should Consider New Construction

Homes available on the housing market have varying styles, sizes, price ranges, locations, and ages, enabling home seekers to select the one that matches their needs and preferences the most. While most people can successfully choose the right home, others may not be so fortunate—they may not find a property on the market that’s exactly suited to their desires or needs.

One effective solution for future homeowners who don’t want the existing homes available on the market is to have their homes built. By having their new home built from the ground up, home seekers will be able to customize their property and ensure that it comes complete with amenities and features suited to their lifestyle, habits, and preferences, and those of their families or prospective roommates.

The idea of owning a brand new property—especially a custom-made one—may be appealing and exciting to some individuals. Others, however, may be unsure if they should go with new construction because they may have concerns regarding the building project. Would a custom-made house cost more? How long does building a house take? Choosing between purchasing an existing home or having a new property built just for you can be an overwhelming decision to make. Described below are reasons why new construction can be beneficial and why you should consider it.

You can choose the location of your new property.


As part of the home buying process, people typically have to decide if they prefer larger cities and more accessible neighborhoods or smaller towns and quieter communities. People who have their homes built will face these same decisions, and neighborhood size and accessibility may be factors that help them determine a good location for buying vacant land and serving as the site of their new home.

People searching for acres of land to own can examine the neighborhood they want to live in and determine how suitable it is to their lifestyle and preferences. Considering the distance between your land and your job, school, hospitals and medical centers, stores, restaurants, other essential establishments, and your family members’ and friends’ homes can be beneficial.

Finding acres of land to buy isn’t an easy task, especially considering that vacant acres typically don’t show up on popular online real estate marketplaces. Due to the exclusion of vacant land from online real estate sites, it can take land buyers more than nine months to locate the perfect piece of land to purchase. However, utilizing a web resource like AcreBin enables land seekers to overcome this gap in the real estate technology marketplace. By connecting with the top U.S. land brokerages and displaying the best land listings available, AcreBin helps people locate the best land worth owning to serve as the site of their new property.

Newly constructed homes allow for more customization.


As the first occupants of the home, people may provide input into their home’s design. For instance, some home builders may let future homeowners choose the type of flooring to use throughout the house or the location of the bedrooms and bathrooms. Likewise, homeowners may get to design their home’s outdoor living space, which could ultimately help them increase their property’s curb appeal.

Homeowners who want to add a patio to make their outdoor space more comfortable or include a fountain to enhance the property’s exterior beauty, for instance, can consult contractors and make such external transformations happen. By relying on the furniture retail store that provides the best outdoor furniture, such as modern outdoor fountains, fireplaces, or tables, new homeowners can make their backyard and home exterior more visually appealing.

A new home is more likely to have efficient systems and technology and require fewer repairs.


Another advantage to new construction is that contractors and other professionals now work with more efficient, durable, and advanced materials when they build properties. A new house with no previous occupants will have a newly built roof, new plumbing systems and pipes, and unused appliances. Essentially, a new construction won’t need the same repairs in the coming years as an older home.

Builders are more likely to equip new properties with features like energy-saving heating and cooling systems, security systems, programmable thermostats, and efficient showerheads. Showers can contribute significantly to residential water consumption and energy use, so an energy-efficient showerhead installation can help people save water, energy, and money. If you can afford more transformations, don’t stop there—consider getting the best shower, shower space, and tub around altogether. For the best shower replacement, revamp your shower walls’ tiles and have your bathrooms equipped with Lux Bath Kohler showers. All Kohler showers have a sleek design that can give your new home the style it deserves; the Kohler Luxstone Shower is the perfect solution for enhancing efficiency and bringing a luxurious feel to your custom home.

Choosing new construction requires patience and planning, but ultimately allows people to prioritize their wants and must-haves for their home’s functionality and exercise their creativity when transforming a new house into a home.

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