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Our publication was inspired by a single house. When two determined brothers decided to remodel their childhood home, they had home professional referrals and multiple home design magazines, but felt stuck with just how to get started. They had to find a better way of making a dream home a reality. This is how The Brothers Bloom was born.

The Brothers Bloom is a homeownership and lifestyle multipurpose online publication started by Sean and Ryan Bloom, two brothers from Portland, Maine.,  Our content targets audiences interested in purchasing or building their dream homes. We are dedicated to inform, inspire, and encourage homeowners undertaking home maintenance and projects.

It’s a place to seek inspiration, knowledge, and information about home renovation projects. At The Brothers Bloom, you’ll find access to relevant content and industry experts guidance to help you complete your next big project. We began as a side project but have grown over the years into a large community of homeowners, home improvement professionals, and design enthusiasts from around the nation. Whether you’re planning to renovate or remodel your kitchen, or need ideas for perfect closet organization, we’ve got all your needs covered. Our community of experts and homeowners are always available to inspire, inform, and educate.

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Sean Bloom

Co-Founder, entrepreneur, and one half of The Brothers Bloom, Sean is an experienced realtor who has over 15 years experience in scouting out overlooked houses and retail properties and negotiating deals that funnel into profitable renovation projects.

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Ryan Bloom

Co-Founder, life long teacher, and the other half of The Brothers Bloom, Ryan is a construction and architecture educator at a local Maine magnet high school. He has devoted his life to sharing his passion for transforming neglected houses into beautiful homes.

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