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Why Furnished Apartments Are So Popular

There are certain things that are must-haves for us as we look for a new apartment. While we may be willing to make compromises to accommodate the household and even home decor we seek, there may be some things you’re unwilling to bend on, such as having a furnished apartment. While unfurnished apartments have that blank canvas appeal, a furnished apartment may be the right opportunity for you too, not only to save money but save time in settling in. Here are just a few reasons why furnished rentals have soared in popularity.

Apartment Cost


We all go into the apartment shopping process with a price range in mind. If you’re exploring furnished apartments in Orlando, you could be looking into something close to destinations like Universal Studios or something more suburban-like Lake Nona. Oftentimes, people shopping for furnished apartments are looking to lock in something short-term. You could find something in a neighborhood closer to your current job, but your work may keep you on the go. A furnished rental assures you won’t have to spend on furniture, appliances, and all the other usual home furnishings. It’s becoming the preferred option of certain occupations that are much more nomadic than others, particularly branches of the United States military.

Landlords or homeowners with furnished rentals recognize that a stay may be brief, so they keep the terms of a lease as flexible as possible for the lessee’s convenience and their own to put the unit back on the market. Unfurnished units usually seek a one-year commitment on their lease. If you’re looking to lay down roots in Orlando, or anywhere else, this may be the more viable option. It’s worth noting that landlords will charge a higher rent through a real estate broker. In some cases, monthly rent for a furnished home can run anywhere from 20 to 40 percent higher than an unfurnished one.

Keeping Comfortable


Opting for rental homes that are fully furnished can save you time on decorating, and even moving, as you’re not bringing any future into your new living quarters. It beats having to deal with a high volume of packages being sent to your new home or your old one in preparation for the move. However, it’s important to remember that a furnished apartment is not your stuff. Any wear and tear that occurs while you’re living there could end up costing you.

However, that move from Orlando too, say, Charlotte, NC could be made easier knowing that your apartment complex is being accounted for by the landlords or owners of the building. Furnished apartments may have professionals handling the ins and out of the property, from hiring electricians to address wiring to landscapers for trimming the hedges. Companies like Charlotte Labor Panes can be relied upon for home services like window cleaning and pressure washing to keep a property looking good on the outside, to match the comfort and furnishing on the inside.

Having easy access to personal services is also part of the appeal. A furnished apartment may come with access to a building’s facilities like a private gym, swimming pool, or patio. Some townhomes that come furnished may have round-the-clock security, especially in a gated community.

Personal Responsibility


There are many savings you can see immediately when you rent a furnished apartment in the United States. Let’s say you find a property in Florida close to the attractions you’re seeking. However, a tree is impacting your cable, electricity, and WiFi any time that a hefty wind rolls through. Your landlord or property owner can look into tree removal in Brisbane, relying on licensed professionals to prune or uproot. This will also save long-term on things like gutter repair and gutter cleaning.

While all of these improvements will be accounted for by a homeowner or landlord, it’s important to take personal regard over this space. Rent and security costs for a furnished apartment, as opposed to an unfurnished one, may run substantially higher. There is also concern over potential damage to any furniture or appliances in a furnished space. While a furnished rental home could see you really spending just monthly rent and utilities, there is the potential cost that could come once you vacate following a furnished rental.

A landlord may find that certain items in that furnished apartment are not in the condition they were when you were given the keys to the apartment or house. It’s best to take photographic and video evidence, an approach that even an unfurnished apartment renter should take to show that no new damage occurred under your living there. For example, if there is a crack on a tile in your bathroom, be sure to document that it was present before you ever even made use of the bath. This trust and responsibility can even pave the way for use of another property or a return to this furnished apartment for use at a later date.

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