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Renovating? How to Craft a Chef Quality Kitchen

If you’re in love with your home, but not the space you cook and entertain in, you may want to consider upgrading things. A luxurious, chef-quality kitchen can be a major selling point if you ever decide to sell your home, and in the meantime, it gives you plenty to enjoy as you meal prep and cook food for family meals or larger get-togethers. Kitchens are often a vital component of entertaining, so it makes sense to spend money on upgrading your kitchen if it just feels a bit dated.

When you truly want to invest in your kitchen remodel, you may wind up knocking down a wall or two in order to make things more open-concept and improve the flow from your kitchen to your dining room. While that kind of construction comes with its own price tag, it’s equally important to budget for the materials that will truly make your kitchen shine, such as the cabinets, cookware, and other appliances. Here are a few areas to focus on if you want to take your kitchen from functional but bland to Michelin star worthy.

Use your cabinetry as a focal point

One of the most important considerations in any kitchen remodel involves the kitchen cabinets. As one of the biggest features of your kitchen, it’s thus important to take care to find the right cabinet style and finish that not only sets the tone for your new chef’s kitchen but ties it all together, too. Whether you’re looking for completely custom cabinets or semi-custom cabinets, picking a cabinet style can help you ground your overall remodeling plan, since modern cabinets will require different finishes for other appliances in your kitchen than traditional or transitional cabinets.

A consideration many people don’t think about when designing a magazine cover-worthy kitchen is the importance of keeping things organized and pristine. Being able to have enough storage thanks to wall cabinets and drawers can really make a difference when it comes to keeping your new kitchen looking great day in and day out. Make sure to talk with your cabinetry supplier about any premium features, accessories, or other innovative products that can help transform your new kitchen cabinets into an organizational solution that will keep things beautiful even after a large gathering with lots of dishes.

Upgrade the countertops

Once you’ve determined a style of cabinet, it’s time to find countertops that match your cabinetry. Quartz countertops can be incredibly striking when paired with a darker wooden cabinet, whereas darker marbled countertops may complement your white cabinetry. The top seven materials for countertops according to Consumer Reports are quartz, granite, marble, laminate, recycled glass, butcher block, and solid surfacing. Each has its own pros and cons, so definitely consider how durability and sustainability play a role in your kitchen remodel beyond aesthetics.

Buy the tools you need to feel like a chef

While how your kitchen looks and functions is important, the tools that you fill it with are equally important during a kitchen remodel. Buying new dishware and appliances can really help tie a kitchen together by allowing you to add extra details that really make a difference when taken as part of the whole.

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