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Home-Selling Checklist: 5 Things to Do Before Selling Your House

If you are looking to move, you may feel a sense of dread entering your psyche. Booking movers, selling your house, buying a new house, relocating your family, and more can make moving to a new place feel overwhelming. Whether you are making a local move or moving from Greensboro to Fort Lauderdale, here are five key tips to keep in mind that will make the process of selling your house and moving much easier.

1. Declutter and deep clean your home

The first thing you should do before you even think about selling your house is to do a big declutter and deep clean of your home. Donate, sell, or toss anything you won’t need in your new home so that things go smoothly on your moving day and you don’t need to move items you don’t even care about. This will also be a lesson to you when you purchase new things: you will be thinking about your next move and how smoothly it would go without excess furniture, clothes, and electronics.

2. Decide how you’re going to sell

The next step you’ll want to take is to decide on how you will sell your home. You could do it the traditional way and hire a real estate agent, who will spend time trying to find the perfect buyers who will present a fair cash offer. Or, if you just want to sell your home fast, you could find home buyers who offer you a reasonable price to buy your home quickly. In North Carolina, property owners who search “buy my house Greensboro” would find Simply Sold Property. This company that buys homes in North Carolina and the surrounding area for fair and quick cash sums. This fast and simple approach is a great choice for families or individuals who are relocating or making a significant life change. Leave the trials of selling your home to the professionals and focus on your future.

3. De-personalize your home

Next, you will want to put yourself in the shoes of home buyers. Think about how personal your current home is and how you will make it more neutral, so it is attractive to people aiming to make it their own. That could mean repainting the interior and exterior in simple, neutral colors, fixing handles and doors that you’ve grown accustomed to, and opting for white kitchen and bathroom backsplashes instead of custom ones. You will need to make your house look like it could be anybody’s house because that’s how it will sell fast.

4. Figure out your next move

When you’ve sold your house or are close, make sure you find a reputable moving company to do your long-distance move or local move. Hiring movers can be a pain, but finding the perfect professional movers that have years of experience in the moving industry will make your life much easier when moving day comes along. Finding the best fort lauderdale movers to move your things safely from Greensboro to Fort Lauderdale will save you time, physical exertion, and money, as they have expertise in packing and moving breakable items you may otherwise need to replace. Hire a trustworthy moving company like Solomon and Sons so that, when moving day comes, you can relax knowing your stuff is in good hands.

5. Have a plan for moving day

To cut down on the stress of selling your house and moving to a new place, make sure you have a good plan for the day of the move. Think about the time frame in which you are moving, and pack a backpack with seasonally appropriate clothes and toiletries for an overnight stay if your clothes get packed away. Additionally, plan to unpack your bedding and mattress first so that you can ensure you get to sleep in your own bed in your new home.

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